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Series of new live events scheduled for the historic Boston Gliderdrome. A venue which once hosted the likes of Elton John and David Bowie.



"The history behind this historic, versatile venue, provides the focus for our work. We will closely collaborate with the people of Boston so that we can better understand the community's needs. This really is an exciting time for us as a venue and for the people of Lincolnshire."

Andrew Malkinson, Partner- Boston Gliderdrome


Boston Gliderdrome which once hosted live entertainment such as The Kinks, The Jimi Hendrix Experience, The Who, David Bowie, Tom Jones and Elton John will be bringing a series of live music and entertainment back to the town of Boston.

In the 1960s, The Starlight Room was added to the Gliderdrome and the Sixties became the `Golden Era' for the venue, attracting top class groups and names from England and America and it became the norm almost every Saturday night for a household-recognised group to be performing.

A series of live events, entertainment and music will be announced in February. The announcement is hoping to enhance the already thriving arts, heritage and culture section to Boston and to Lincolnshire.

Andrew Malkinson continued;
"We are delighted to have Red Shoe Entertainment agree to work with us on some exciting new projects at Boston Gliderdrome this year! Red Shoe Entertainment provide a range of venue and business planning, programming assistance and marketing services, to enhance the venue's offering. Their team of experts will help Boston Gliderdrome to cover all stages of a project, from feasibility and concept design, right through to construction and operation"


All the top names of the time appeared there - well, almost! It is claimed that only The Rolling Stones and The Beatles failed to appear, but the latter was booked to appear as a support group when they were just starting out. Sydney Malkinson claimed later that he must have been the only dance promoter to turn down The Beatles. He canceled the booking because, at the time, they were unknown, he hadn't heard of them, and £35 was a lot of money (then!) to pay for an unknown group.


Unfortunately, vandalism brought an end to regular dances in the mid-Seventies but then, in 1996, it was decided to reopen the Starlight Room again for occasional dances, by 2008 attendances had waned and was closed again. In 2012 a trial Christmas Dance was held and now nostalgia takes over as hundreds attend to rediscover the magic of the Gliderdrome days

Lee Newton, Director of Red Shoe Entertainment says;
"It's a pleasure for us to be a part of such an amazing, and very important project. The Gliderdrome in Boston is a sleeping giant and following the devastation of the pandemic, now is the time for industry experts, established local businesses and the community of Boston to pull together and help to restore this venue, back to it's former greatness.


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